How do I delete a document that I posted?

If you want to delete a document that you have uploaded, you'll need to delete either the comment it is attached to or the top-level discussion it is attached to.


To do this, navigate to the question/discussion where the document is posted and click the small dropdown menu on the left side

Screen_Shot_2022-01-07_at_1_30_38_PM.png                           Screen_Shot_2022-01-07_at_1.30.53_PM.png

After selecting 'Delete' you will see a confirmation message that confirms you want to delete the post. Once you have accepted the message the post will be deleted and the document along with it.


Currently, documents are only able to be deleted if they have been uploaded through a discussion post or a reply. As we build more functionality in the CBANC Community we'll add the ability to remove documents uploaded directly to the document library

If you need a document removed please contact us and we'll be happy to help!


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