What does “Groups” mean on my profile?

When you became a CBANC Member, you shared some important information about your professional environment -- bank or credit union and professional role. We use that information to help you find relevant content faster and collaborate with your peers quicker. You can see the group(s) you or any other CBANC Member are included in by looking at your/their Member Profile.

Who is in the FI Professionals group I’m in?

The FI Professionals group consists of all CBANC users that work for a bank or credit union.

Who is in the Vendors group I’m in?

The Vendors group consists of CBANC users that work for a company that provides a service or product to banks or credit unions.

Will groups I’m not in see the Documents I upload or Questions I ask?

No. If you share a Document with other FI Professionals and do not allow any other groups to see it, only FI Professionals will have access. You add the content; you control the access. For more on controlling content, see How Do I Control Content I Share On CBANC.


What else can I do with groups?

As CBANC has grown, more and more different types of banking professionals have joined to collaborate and solve problems in the community banking field. We are excited to make it easier for you to collaborate with your entire industry, or only your peers in your role, if you wish.

We’d love to hear from you how you might create your own groups. Send us a note at Here are some ideas that you might find valuable:

  • Role-specific groups to concentrate problem solving
  • Make your own open or closed groups to create your own issue task force
  • Join others’ groups that you feel will improve your professional experience
  • Share content with individual Members, not just groups

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