How does CBANC control what non-FI professionals see?

We understand that one of the best parts about CBANC is being able to freely share and collaborate with fellow bank/CU professionals. Here is how we’ll continue to protect you and keep CBANC a professional network where everyone benefits.


What will non-bank/CU professionals see?

Just as it is today, anyone who is not a bank or CU employee will see an anonymized view of CBANC. They will be able to see discussions/questions posted but will not see the member’s name or the financial institution with which they are associated. The only information they will see attached to a discussion is whether it’s an employee of a bank or CU, the FI’s asset size range, the FI’s region, and the role of the employee (i.e. compliance, finance, risk, marketing, etc.)

What can non-bank/CU professionals do?

They will be able to provide thoughtful answers to your questions and post their insights on the industry.

How does CBANC ensure conversations stay helpful and relevant?

We have instituted a Code of Conduct that applies to all users of CBANC, but with a particular focus on the new, limited access users.

How do I report any behavior that isn’t helpful or relevant?

You may contact CBANC Support at and let us know. We will investigate the situation immediately and take action where necessary.


What if I’m interested in talking to a vendor that has helped me?

There are several ways to connect with vendors. First, we encourage you to follow that vendor on CBANC (learn how). They will be posting updates about their company on their vendor page and this is a great way to stay up to date. You may also reach out to the vendor contact or company directly via the contact info in their profiles.

I want to help a fellow CBANC member outside discussions, what is the best way to have them contact me?

Please direct a member to your profile in order to obtain your contact info. Please ensure your settings show your email as visible to members (see below). Only bank/CU members have access to this contact info in your profile.

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