Editing Seller Account Settings

Editing Account Settings from within the Marketplace Seller Portal

Once you are logged into your account, you can access your account settings to change options such as: Login Details, Business Information, and Company Logo.

To begin, click the kebob style menu in the top right corner from the Seller Portal and select 'Account Settings' from the dropdown menu.



Edit Username and Password

From this section you can change the username and password for your seller account.


Remember: Changing the username and password for the seller account will change it for everyone who uses the account. You will need to provide this new information to anyone who will need access if the username and password are changed


Edit Business Information 

From the 'Your Information' section you can edit the business's information and what is displayed within the CBANC Marketplace.


Minimum image dimensions of 806 x 610 at 1x
Images will be resized proportionately to occupy a 4:3 aspect ratio space


You are also able to edit your companies Remittance information from this panel but this will not impact your account at this time as this feature is not applicable within the CBANC Marketplace at this time.

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