Creating a Product Listing

Once your seller account has been activated, you can start adding listings either  manually or via templated spreadsheet.


Creating a Listing

Manually creating a listing

To create a new listing, log into your seller account. Under catalog management, click on "New Product Listing".


Once you click on the new product listing tab, this will take you to the listings details page. In this page, you'll need to enter your product details such as the category and features.




The category determines where your listing will shows up in the search results.  For example, if you are adding a listing for compliance software, you will need to select "Compliance, Legal, and Audit" in the category section.


More often than not, there is a sub-category that you need to select once you've chosen your primary category. In this example, we are adding BSA Software as a subcategory.



Deployment, Support, and Training

In the Deployment, Support, and Training section, you can outline the deployment method for your product (Cloud, Web-based, etc.), the primary support resource available (Email/Help Desk,Knowledge Base, etc.), and the training opportunities you offer for users (Webinars, Videos, etc.). There is also the option 'Information Not Provided' if you don't want these details on the listing.


To apply a choice to any individual section, click the 'Add' button after making your selection.


Vendor Website and Product URL

Within these two input boxes you can add in your business's website as well as the link/url for the individual product.



The default value for this field is In Store and should not be changed. Products within the CBANC Marketplace must be set to 'In Store' in order to list properly.



Pricing and Shipping

This section is where you indicate the price of your product. Base price for each listing is required but no pricing displays in the front-end of the Marketplace at this time. Other pricing options might be added at a future date to expand listing capabilities within the Marketpalce.


Listing Details

The listing details section is where you add additional information about your product such as Title, Individual Features, Description, Additional Specifications, and Product Images.


Title - Is the title of the listing that you're creating

Features - individual features can be added here and will display as a bulleted list on the listing

Description - this is a custom description of the product

Specifications - this is an additional field to add in specific details about the product

Product Image - this is where you'll upload individual images for your product. If multiple images are uploaded they will be presented in an image carrousel on the product listing.


Image Dimension Specifications:

  • Minimum image dimensions of 806 x 610 at 1x
    Images will be resized proportionately to occupy a 4:3 aspect ratio space

Note: Within this section Title, Description, and Product Image are required fields for creating a listing.


Once you're done completing the product advert form, simply click on "NEXT: Define your product"


Update the Quantity under Variant Options to be Unlimited


Once you've completed this step select 'Update & publish' to complete the listing creation process. Once the listing creation process is complete, your listing is automatically submitted to a CBANC Admin to be vetted before being published live on the Marketplace.

Spreadsheet Upload from Seller's Account

To upload your adverts via spreadsheet you will need to log into your seller account and click on Bulk Listing Upload menu item.


Create a spreadsheet that details your ads

Download and complete the new listing template with the listing information.  The listing details are the same as what you will key in if you added the listings manually. 

You can download the spreadsheet from your seller portal, or we've provided a copy at the bottom of this article. 


Upload your spreadsheet

Save the completed listing template as a CSV and upload the listings through the 'Choose file' button under 'Attach File'. Then select 'Upload listings'.


The upload process will begin automatically once the file has been uploaded. Depending on the amount of listings being created or updated the time for completing this request might change.


Bulk Upload Template

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