Editing Seller Profile Settings

Editing profile settings from within the CBANC Marketplace

Once you're logged into your seller account you have the ability to change your profile settings. From the profile settings page you have the option to change your store description, upload any pictures to your store's page, update your listing page information, and change your opening hours if applicable.

Profile settings are accessible from the kebob style menu in the upper left corner of the seller portal. 


Retailer Page Details

This is where you can start to customize your seller page. Starting with Store Description you can add in a description of your products and services, or your business itself. 


Uploading Images and Video

Below the store description you can upload images and video to your seller page. 

Images can be rearranged by dragging and dropping once they have been uploaded and you can also add in a video link as well which will be added to the image carrousel. 


Listing Page Information

The listing page information section is for adding text that will appear on all listings under your seller account. This section is optional and not required for setting up your seller page. 


Opening Hours

The opening hours section is for adding in your businesses hours of operation. This section is optional and not required for setting up your seller page. 


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