How to start a discussion

The primary method for interacting with other Community Members is by starting, or responding to, questions. Questions are a way for you to start a discussion around a topic to either inform other CBANC Community members or to get your own questions answered by someone else within the community. There is also the option of creating polls for your followers to answer.

In this article we will cover both posting a question/discussion and submitting a poll to your followers.


Starting a Discussion

From the home page of the CBANC Community you will see a blue 'Ask a Question' button as well as an input box with the options for 'Question' or 'Poll.' 


Clicking the 'Ask a Question' button will open a modal and allow you to post a question in one of the topic categories, while the Question/Poll tab section will allow you to create a question or poll for your followers only.


From the options model you first must chose which topic category you want to post your question in (Audit, Digital Banking, Lending, etc.) and then enter the title of your question in the 'Question' section and the body content of your question within the 'Details' section. 

There is also the option to add in additional pre-made topics if you wouldd like your question to be visible in multiple categories and to attach any documents to your question by clicking the paperclip symbol.

**Note: When starting a question, if you use the question/poll panel you will be creating a question or poll for your FOLLOWERS ONLY and not the rest of the CBANC Community. If you want to post a question to the entire CBANC Community within one of the topic categories, you need to use the 'Ask a Question' button.


Posting Your Question

Once you've included a Title, Body Text, Topics, and any Attachments you wouldd like, submit your question by clicking the blue 'Ask' button at the bottom of the customization model.


Editing Your Question

After your discussion has been posted you can always return to it to Edit, Delete, Bookmark, Add Topics, Leave a Response, or Share your discussion with others by using the options menu on the right side of the discussion or the action links under the body text.



Creating a Poll

Polls are a way for you to survey your followers with a question and a series of answers for them to choose between.

To create a poll click the 'Poll' option on the Question/Poll section on the home page of the CBANC Community. From here you can craft your question, add as many additional responses you would like, and submit your poll to followers for their opinions.


To post your poll, click the blue 'Ask' button after you've created a question and added in responses.

Once your poll has been posted, you can view the responses within your profile by clicking your name in the upper right corner and clicking the 'My Profile' link.

Under your profile information you can see your vote in the poll, results of others votes, and additional actions like Delete, Bookmark, and Edit Topics all under the menu dropdown to the right. 


**Note: Polls are only available to other CBANC Community members who actively follow you. Polls are not posted to topic sections in the same way questions are.

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