Following or Unfollowing Members, Topics, or Questions

While using the CBANC Community you might come across discussion questions, polls, documents, or even users that you'd like to bookmark, or follow and keep updated on. Using the bookmark and follow functionality in the CBANC Community, you can customize which questions, topics, or users display in your personal feed and receive notifications when those questions, topics, or users post an update. 

In this article we will cover bookmarking a questions/discussion and following topics and users.


Bookmarking a Question

If you come across a question that you would like to save, you can bookmark it to refer back later.

To bookmark questions click the dropdown menu on the left side of any question within the community and select the 'Bookmark' option.


Once bookmarked, the discussion will show a green star icon in the top right corner, and be available to you in your bookmarks page which is accessible from the navigation bar. 



Following a Topic Category

Once you have navigated into a specific topic category such as Audit, you are able to follow that topic by clicking the blue 'Follow' button on the right side of the screen.


After subscribing to a topic you can manage your email notifications by clicking the email dropdown next to the 'Following' button and changing your email settings.


To Unfollow the topic just click the 'Following' button again and posts with that topic tag will no longer appear in your feed and you won't receive any more notifications related to the topic.


Following a User

If there is a user within the CBANC Community that posts content you want to follow you have the ability to do that from that person's profile page. 

Navigate to their profile page and next to their name will be a '+ Follow' button. If you click this button their new questions and polls will appear in your personal feed.


To unfollow someone click the 'Following' button and this will remove them from your feed and you will no longer be following.

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