Managing Listing Inquiries

Part of the work of managing a seller account is managing and vetting your inquiries. Managing your inquiries is one of the most important features of your account and is available to seller accounts that have an active partnership with CBANC. Inquiries are how potential customer contact you through the CBANC Marketplace. 

Viewing Inquiries

All inquiries to a seller account will go directly into the Listing Inquiries section of the seller portal, which is accessible from the left side menu.


Email Inquiries Page

Once you have landed on the Listing Inquiries page, you can view all inquiries that your potential customers have sent in or you can filter down to a subset using the search tools at the top of the page.


Using the filters in the search tools you can filter down by:

  • Status
  • Inquiry Type
  • Customer Name or Email
  • Date

Below the search tools is a list of all the inquiries you have received.


There are a few things to take note of on this page.

  • Clicking on the 'Status' or 'Customer Email' links will take you to the enquiry content. From here you view the details of the inquiry, including the message attached, and mark the inquiry as 'Responded'
  • Marking an inquiry as 'Responded' is a way to keep track of inquiries that someone from your team as responded to and will change the 'Status' of the inquiry from 'Email Sent' to 'Responded'
  • Clicking the 'Listing ID' will take you to the listing within your seller portal

Inquiries will only provide the information submitted by the CBANC Marketplace user who created the inquiry. This information includes Date, Name, Email, Phone Number, and a Message which is a custom field the user fills out. 


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