How to respond to a discussion question

Within the CBANC Community the Question/Discussion thread is the primary means of communication between members. In this article we will cover how to reply to other members questions/discussion threads and how to upload attachments to your replies.


Replying to a question

Once you've found a question that you would like to respond to, simply click into the reply box with the text 'Write an Answer,' to open the text editor for crafting your reply. 


With the text editor open you have the option to:

  • Format the text with bullet points, numbered lists, and text styling
  • Add links, images, or emojis to your reply
  • @mention other members of the CBANC Community
  • Attach documents using the paperclip icon

Once your reply is complete, click the blue 'Answer' button to see it posted.

You can check back to track the reception of your reply, whether it gets likes, replies of its own, or marked as 'Best.'

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