Leaving a Rating or Review in the CBANC Marketplace

For products and services that you use, or have experience with, it's possible to leave a review within the CBANC Marketplace to share your knowledge with others. Reviews are an important way to continue building the community as well as informing other potential users of your experience with products and services. 


Writing a Review

To leave a review in the CBANC Marketplace, first navigate to the product you'd like to review, scroll to the bottom of the listing, and click the 'Write a Review' button


Once you've click the 'Write a Review' button the review panel will open and you can fill out the required information. Any field marked with an asterisk '*' is required to leave a review. 


After your review and star score are complete you will need to input your name and email to submit the review. The name you provide is only a display name so if you would prefer to have a nickname or abbreviated name in this space that is okay.


**Note: The email you provide will not be shown in the review, it's only used for verification purposes, and if you wish to remain anonymous while posting please put 'Anonymous' into the Name field.


Once you've submitted your review it can take up to several hours for our system to update and display your review on the product listing. You will also receive an email to the email address you provided asking to verify your review. 

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